For Farmers

Why do you need interrow cultivators or mechanical weeders?

Inter-row cultivation provides many benefits, like suppressing weeds between rows, improving soil aeration, or reducing water evaporation just to name a few. All of those could have a positive impact on farmers crop yield as well as the ecosystem. 

Besides those straightforward benefits for farmers, we have to consider that the whole industry is heading this way. Acts like the EU’s Green Deal are encouraging farmers to put a higher emphasis on sustainability when it comes to everyday field work.

Considering all the above, the best way for farmers is to adapt to changing environment and start to yield benefits from modern farming. This is where technology like Camvio H100 takes in hand. With our solution for inter-rows cultivators, farmers will be faster and more sustainable and be able to get rid of all the weeds while keeping plants safe.

Thanks to our vast network of distributors, farmers from all over the world could buy inter-row cultivators with our system on the board. Camvio H100 is well integrated and ready to use in a matter of minutes (this is how much time you need to make the set-up).

Camvio's features

Camvio H100

Our automatic steering system for interrow cultivators & weeders.