Our technology

Computer Vision

Computer Vision has a great range of applications in different industries. We focus on precision farming which is very uncontrolled environment and needs special approach and attention. Our camera works in different range of conditions like: sunny / cloudy weather, wind, etc.

It also works at night thanks to build-in lighting.

Machine Learning

This is a base feature of our approach to technology. We have to build a proprietary algorithm based on machine learning, which is key to success in an uncontrolled environment like a field. We have trained the algorithm with real and virtual data, thus it is very robust now. 

Thanks to this we know it works for many crops.

High Computing on the field

 Thanks to the embedded TX2 core, the Syslogic PC can track and correct the position of our system   10 times per second in a real-time manner. 


The premium mobile PLC, actuator, and proportional valves, and other hydraulic components from companies like Bosch make the system very credible and effective.


Our solution is constantly monitored for its efficiency, diagnostics and remote updates. In case of a new version of the algorithm, we will be able to remotely upload new version to all or selected devices.. Moreover, in case of a need to remotely diagnose the system we are able to connect to the machine.  Also, in case of unexpected behavior or a new “edge case”, we are able to reproduce it in our “virtual field”, fix it and upload a new version of the software.

All without leaving the office.


All our systems are CE certified.

Camvio H100

Our automatic steering system for interrow cultivators & weeders.