Make your machinery smarter with computer vision

Do you produce interrow cultivators or mechanical weeders?

Make your machinery smarter with an automatic steering system on the field and bring value-added to your products thanks to our our technology. 

Not only we give you the product, but we also help you with designing your part with all the mechanical, legal, and product details and requirements. Starting from the project review up to onsite plant visits and field testing.

How we work?

We know every producer is different, that we are flexible and we adjust to your processes and requirements. But there are a few general steps that are the same:

1) Introduction to Camvio H100 system and technology

2) Helping with the integration project between Camvio H100 and your mechanical bits and pieces. We supply projects of our components blueprints and suggest how to place them in the final solution.

3) We assist in your factory if needed.

4) We assist during the startup process and field testing.

5) Ready! Your product is ready for sales!

We are flexible

We understand that you may require some customization to your final product. We are happy to adjust our solution to your needs, for example, you may want to buy the solution without the actuator, because you may have your supplies.

Premium warranty

Thanks to working side by side with the best producers of components (we are using components from DACH region producers) we are extending our warranty up to 3 years!

Got a project or an ideas?

If you have a new project idea and looking for dedicated specialists, don’t hesitate to contact us. Adding to your hardware computer vision aspects you will benefit not only from the competitive edge but moreover a scaling and technologically polished solution. 

Camvio H100

Our automatic steering system for interrow cultivators & weeders.